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For therapists

Create your patients, create individual exercise programs for them from over 650 exercises with different goals and share them with your patients. If you can’t find an exercise, you can simply upload a video or picture of this exercise yourself.

About the software

For patients

With the mobile sophyapp, your patients can view the stored training program and complete it correctly with exercise videos and detailed descriptions. After a successful training session, the patient can send feedback to the therapist.

About the app


What our customers say

  • Manuel Krug

    Sanatorium Kettenbrücke

    Therapy does not end in our practice. Our patients know that they have to actively work on their recovery. sophyapp helps our patients to do the exercises more regularly and in a more targeted way and thus to reach their goals faster.

  • Patrick Grassnig

    Owner Physio 1.0

    sophyapp – our real gamechanger!
    In our opinion, physiotherapy is revolutionised by programmes like sophyapp. The result is a perfect connection to the patient, which on the one hand significantly increases compliance and on the other hand enables an extremely efficient creation and planning of exercise programmes in our patient management. This saves us time and money.
    A programme well filled with exercises, as well as the freedom to create your own exercises and exercise programmes in a very short time – for us 100% top rating.

  • Sebastian Fröbel

    Owner Holetics Coach

    The sophyapp is super easy to use, both for me as a therapist and for my clients.

    With the modular system and the large number of exercises, I can respond to my clients individually with the app and put together programmes myself under the holistic aspect, which is very important to me.

    The app’s multilingualism is especially beneficial for my foreign patients.

  • Verena Fric, MSc.

    Joint practice Baden-Leesdorf

    My patients are enthusiastic about sophyapp! The app on the mobile phone increases their motivation and the exercises are performed more correctly!
    The service team is also always ready to help and is constantly working on renewals and improvements.

  • Success Stories mit sophyapp

    Learn how therapists increase their treatment success with sophyapp

    Therapists like you are already using sophyapp very successfully on a daily basis. Find out here how and why sophyapp not only leads to increased motivation of the patients but also improves the success of the treatment read more

  • Marion Bühler

    Physiotherapy MTT-Weinfelden

    Working with the sophyapp is an important success factor for the practice. Patients can watch the exercises they have learned on video and they are highly motivated to complete their training programmes.
    Depositing our own exercises and videos allows us to record specific programmes and store them.
    The app is very important for the successful care of our patients, and we can also create very good training programmes with little time.
    Not to forget the support, we are always looked after very quickly and with a lot of patience.



Questions about the product?

Why can't my patient register?

Have you as a therapist (Create patient access as therapist) or your patient (Create patient access as patient) already created a patient user? A patient can only access the mobile app once he or she has been registered.

General information for patients can be found here.

Why sophyapp?

sophyapp is the innovative way to take your therapeutic craft to a new level. With our software it is possible to increase the motivation of your patients through video coaching (in addition to on-site therapy) and also to greatly improve the success of the treatment. Learn more about success with sophyapp here

Can I use sopyhapp for free?

sophyapp can easily be tested for a trial period of 30 days. There is definitely no subscription trap, as the test account simply ends after the 30 days and is only extended if you want. Try sophyapp for free now

Is sophyapp only for physiotherapists?

sophyapp is not only for physiotherapists. In principle, every therapist can use sophyapp for their own benefit and that of their patients. With sophyapp, very individual exercises and exercise plans can be created for patients. An example: A speech therapist creates speech exercise videos for his patient, who can then easily do them at home on his smartphone or tablet at his own time. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. (Note: for physiotherapists, an exercise catalogue with over 650 exercises is also available).

Does sophyapp have a notice period?

sophyapp can be terminated at any time without notice. You only pay for the current month and can easily get out at any time.

Why has my patient not received an email confirmation?

From time to time, mails may not be accepted the first time they are sent because the provider rejects them. However, these are sent again after an interval of 5 minutes and achieve a success rate of 97.5% the second time they are sent.

The mail for a programme itself is not relevant. It is only important that you click on the button “Send programme to patient’s app” and the programme is automatically available for the patient’s stored e-mail address.

Who is sophyapp for?

Whether student, physiotherapist, practice or hospital – sophyapp is suitable for everyone.

sophyapp is primarily aimed at therapists who would like to take care of their patients from home. The therapist creates an adapted exercise program for the patient and the patient can carry out the program at any time and in any location.

My desired exercise is not in the exercise catalog!

No problem. Simply go to Settings-> Upload Exercise and upload a video + preview image for your exercise. The uploaded exercises are already available to you in your sophyapp exercise catalog.

If you would like to film several exercises for the sophyapp catalog, feel free to contact us.

Why doesn't my patient have a programme on their app?

There are different reasons here. Please check the following:

  • Have you already clicked on Send programme to patient’s app?
  • Have you entered a mail address for the patient?
  • If so, have you checked that this is the correct mail? This must be 1:1 identical with the patient registration mail!
  • Did you enter the mail address with googlemail, but your patient registered with gmail?

As a therapist, can I also use the mobile app?

The mobile sophyapp is initially only intended for patients. This can be used on both the smartphone and the tablet.

Therapist:  Entry via the web application (
Patient:      Entry via the Android / IOs application