Luc Rietmann - Osteopathy Weinfelden

“Overall, the sophyapp has significantly improved my work as a physiotherapist”.

As a physiotherapist, I had to face some challenges in my work regarding patients’ self-management. They could not remember many exercises and had difficulty performing or remembering them correctly. To solve these problems, I decided to use sophyapp.


Ease of work and increased efficiency

The sophyapp proved to be extremely helpful for me. The tool allows me to create individual exercise plans and send them easily by email. The app’s template function made my work much easier. Furthermore, I am impressed by the search function and the possibility to filter the search results. This allows me to search specifically for certain exercises or templates and increase my efficiency.


Positive impact and more engaged patients

Using the sophyapp has had a positive impact on the outcomes of my treatments. My patients show better compliance and are more actively engaged in their own recovery. They trust that they can contribute to improvement through their efforts and complete therapy sooner. This leads to positive outcomes and builds patient confidence.

The quick and easy tool stimulates the activity of my patients and enables efficient planning and implementation of the therapy. I can therefore unreservedly recommend the sophyapp to other therapists, as it improves treatment results and increases patient motivation.


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